Finger Massage Grip Ball

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HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The Finger Massage Grip Ball is made of high-quality PU material, which has excellent resilience. The outer Finger Exercise Ball are made of high-quality breathable cloth, and will not feel sultry after long-term use. Made of high quality material, safe and ecofriendly, stable and durable. Light weight and portable, easy to carry Finger Massage Grip Ball.

REMOVABLE STRUCTURE: Our palm strength training Finger Massage Grip Ball adopts removable and washable design, you can remove the gloves, choose your favorite practice method, and it is easy to clean. Whether you are walking, traveling (car, plane, bus), in the office, school, watching TV or where you want to exercise, you can use it anywhere without worrying about the ball falling or rolling drop.

RESTORING PALM STRENGTH: This highly elastic pressure Finger Massage Grip Ball is suitable for restoring and exercising palm strength, and can be used for finger weakness rehabilitation training and muscle strength training for patients with hand injuries. Better nerve, muscle and circulatory stimulation to the tissues of the hand. Stimulates all nerve paths to the hand muscles.

SEPARATE FINGERS: By applying uniform force on the Finger Massage Grip Ball, it helps to reduce the pressure on the fingers, keep the position of the fingers open, and prevent the fingers from bending and spasm, avoiding overlapping fingers and valgus fingers. Helping to correctly rebalance muscle strength and flexibility in the hands, wrists and forearms Finger Massage Grip Ball.

ADAPT TO THE SYMPTOMS: Stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, cervical vertebra, injury causes such as hand dysfunction, abnormal muscle tone finger, hand, finger flexion convulsion, hand muscle atrophy, etc.


  • style 9: ball strengthen fingers
  • style 8: hand and finger exerciser
  • style 7: exercise for hands
  • style 6: hand rehabilitation ball
  • style 5: finger rehabilitation training