Universal Splash Filter Faucet Sprayer

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Color: Dual Mode 1080
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Universal Splash Proof Filter Tap: The water-saving tap is really durable and thick. Turn the water outlet to 1080 degrees and it is more convenient to wash and gargle!
2 switches, 4 layers, double seals, two types of water exhaust agents, oxygen-enriched foam, splash water, a four-layer filter to remove impurities, and double seals to prevent dripping.

Industrial grade for commercial work: solid copper, ABS body for durability and durability. This item also includes reinforced O-ring valves that prevent any leakage.

SAFE & FRIENDLY DESIGN: The splash filter tap introduces air into the water flow to produce a larger, whiter flow that is soft to the touch and non-disinfected.
Easy to install and clean: suitable for 99% of taps. Convenient and flexible, save you time. You can install the flexible kitchen tap head yourself. Easy and time-saving.


  • Type: Aerators
  • Product: Flexible Faucets Sprayer
  • Outer diameter: 24mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Inner diameter: 22mm
  • Feature: Anti Splash Filter Faucet Spray Head