Garden Plant Potting Support Rods

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Color: 10PCS-S
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SEMI-CIRCLE DESIGN: The semi-circular design of these garden flower support poles allows you to place one anywhere or join 2 or more support poles together to form a circular structure. The plant stands can support plants to grow vertically and normally and withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

High Quality Material: Our flower pot climbing frame is made of high quality PP material, which has good strength, is not easy to break or deform, and can well support and protect plants. These garden plant support pegs are reusable and long term and are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. 6 pieces/12 garden pegs to meet your daily use.

Hidden Appearance: The outside of the plant support pegs is designed to be green, the same color as the stems and leaves of the plant. Green hides their appearance. It blends into the plant so that you can see the plant instead of the plant support, which greatly improves the potted plant, ornamental plant. The support pegs give your climbing plants the support they need to thrive, and these stands are a great solution for many heavy plants in your garden.