Cooking Oil Bottle Spray

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Color: 210ml W-Powerful Jet
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Food Grade Material Olive Oil Sprayer: Different from other fragile glass bottles, barbecue cooking with fuel injector cooking bottles using food grade PET material, light and strong, and prevent falling cracking, don't worry about the oil sprayer can be broken! The most attractive feature is its fan-shaped mist. It produces an even and wide range of mist which makes cooking much easier.

Healthy Diet by Controlling Oil
: The new olive oil spray bottle can effectively control the flow of oil, in a different way with different effects, press to the end and press quickly you will get a foggy effect, halfway down will get a columnar effect. Evenly control oil, less calorie, and enjoy a low-fat healthy life. (Note: The atomization effect is affected by the filled liquid.)

Easy to Clean:
 Just unscrew the middle connecting part, add some hot water and a mild detergent, and mix it 5 -8 times. We contain a cleaning brush which makes cleaning much easier. You can get a new oil bottle easily.

New Design Sprayer:
 The oil sprayer bottle is 210ml.The oil sprayer for the air fryer has a large opening. When you pour oil, don't need to use a funnel, you can pour oil into the sprayer bottle easily. The specially designed lock will seal the bottle tightly to prevent leakage, You don't need to worry about the olive oil leaking or getting dirty. The elegant design makes it looks fantastic on your counter

Multifunction Empty Spray Bottle:
 You can use the oil sprayer on air fryers, pans, and stovetops. The oil sprayer for cooking uses less oil. It is not only suitable for olive oil in the kitchen but also can put canola oil, vegetable oil, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine, water, and lemon juice into the spray bottle! And can be used as a cosmetic bottle, for watering green plants. The spray bottle is very useful and convenient in daily life.


  • Type: Cooking Tool Sets
  • Material: Plastic