Automatic Plant Self Watering Feeder

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Meet your personal mini gardeners: We all know how busy holidays can be. With so much to do already, watering your little plant buddies on a regular basis may not be possible. With Plantpal watering globes, this is no longer an issue. The globes are your personal mini gardeners and will water your plants perfectly in your absence.

Intelligent watering system: Unlike most watering devices on the market, the Plantpal decorative watering globe boasts a superior automatic plant watering system that allows your plant to water itself for up to 14 days. Our watering spikes feature an intelligent moisture control sensor in the stake which prevents soil clogging while ensuring the timely release of water when required. No batteries are required.

Easy to fill: Our self-watering bulbs feature a large opening to make sure you can fill them up with ease & convenience. The globes can hold up to 380ml of water at once. After the globe is filled, insert it into the soil while ensuring it stays out of direct sunlight. The special wick doesn’t get clogged no matter how fine the soil is.

Multipurpose Use: Our plant watering spikes do not take up much space. You can use them to water houseplants, hanging plants, potted plants, patio plants, outdoor plants, etc. The globes also work with delicate plants such as African violets & orchids. Available in sizes large & mini for all types of potted plants.


  • feature 2: plant watering
  • feature 1: automatic plant watering
  • Type: Watering Kits
  • Material: Plastic