Hair Growth Powder

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KERATIN HAIR FIBERS: The main ingredients of The Sevich Hair Fibers is Gossypium Plant Fiber(100% natural keratin), and Natural iron-based Colorants. Because it contains no chemicals, can be used on all skin types, including allergic skin. No irritation to the skin of the head. 10 hair colors to choose from, suitable for each species and age of hair color.

Electrostatic Adsorption: Hair Keratin Hair Powder, The new generation of fiber ingredients, is almost 100% close to the real hair characteristics. It can be used on a daily basis without being visible at close range to the naked eye. It can also be used in the entertainment industry, which is not difficult to be detected under bright stage lights.

Easy To Use:  Just shake Sevich's Hair Fibers directly into the thinning area of hair and shake (or cooperate with our special fiber comb) with your hands softly. You can see that the hair fibers are seamlessly integrated into your existing hair, creating a completely natural dense, and full look. Also can use a few sprays at the same time, which can make Hair fuller.


  • volume: 27.5g
  • material: keratin hair fibers
  • available colors: 10 colors of hair fibers, black, dark brown including
  • Ingredient: keratin hair-building fiber