Gardening High Pressure Brass Sprinkler

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Color: DN15 Nozzle
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Perfect Match: The whole set includes: Brass Hose Adapter + Brass Water Hose High-Pressure Jet Sweeper Nozzle.

Premium Material: This adapter is made of brass, durable and high temperature resistant. Brass is also corrosion-resistant. The structure is sturdy, not easy to break or deform, can serve you longer and ensure your worry-free use.

Convenient and Quick: Connect and disconnect, it only takes a few seconds to install it to the end of the water pipe, and it can be quickly released, the hose can be easily removed.

Tight and Leak-Proof: The powerful spray twist barrel adjusts the water from fan to cone spray to strong water flow, with O-ring seals on the front and back, which can make a waterproof connection and prevent any leakage.


  • Type: Garden Water Guns
  • Sprinkler Garden Tools: Pressure Direct Spray Tools
  • Metal Type: Brass
  • Material: Metal
  • Key Words 3: Garden Water Connector
  • Key Words 2: For garden and vegetable patch
  • Key Words 1: Spray Sprinkler