Child Neck Protection Pillow

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SLEEP TIGHT, UPRIGHT: At best, sleeping in car seats makes kids uncomfortable. But at worst, it may cause neck pain that lingers for days. Protect your sleepy child with NapUp-the original baby sleep positioner strap and headrest!

FOR KIDS TALL OR SMALL: Whether you just switched your baby to a front-facing car seat or your kindergartener rides in a high-back booster, this baby car seat head support strap and headrest fit them all! Easily adjust the front strap and headrest to fit growing children, giving them restful car rides for years to come.

NO-SWEAT MATERIALS: Not only is this child safety head support completely comfortable, but the super soft foam is flame retardant! Plus, the 100% polyester cover keeps your baby cool since it wicks away sweat. And when it needs good washing, don’t fret. Simply throw it in the washer, no sweat!


  • Weight: 0-1 pound
  • Special Features: Neck Protection Pillow
  • Shape: ring
  • Season: Four Seasons
  • Gender: Male
  • Filling: Polyester / Cotton
  • Feature: Massage