Dog Training Whistle Flute

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EASY TRAINING: Adjust frequency by turning the screw rod inward or outward until your dog exhibits the strongest reaction. With the correct frequency you find, Our dog whistle can ensure that your dogs obey basic skills after training.

EFFECTIVE TRAINING: Even if you can't see your pet, Your pet can hear the dog whistle from 20 meters away, Train your puppy/dog with different commands and let your pet follow your instructions sit down, Paw, Lie down, Up.

ADJUSTABLE FREQUENCY: Different dogs respond to different frequencies. Dog whistle produce a range of fund frequencies between 5.4 KHz and 12.8 KHz when you turned. The dogs whose ears are much more sensitive to this frequency, However it may not be insignificant to human hearing.

EASY TO CARRY: Our dog whistle is equipped with a black lanyard and a special locking nut and outer cover, Which is very easy to wear on the neck, So that you can take it anywhere without worrying about losing it. The safe stainless steel material will not harm your dog's hearing, Nor will it cause harm to our humans.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Type: Dog Whistles