V Line Face Slimming Bandage

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Double chin reducer: comfortable fabric, imported fabric, high tensile strength, breathable and soft. Ultra-thin, comfortable, and safe. It can effectively reduce the double chin and give you a V-shaped face. It can also adjust your face shape to make you look more delicate and slimmer.

The face-lift belt is easy to use: wear it for 30-40 minutes while watching TV, doing housework, sleeping, or traveling. Convenient and easy to use, without any impact.
Face-lifting belt: Physically improve double chin, prevent sagging cheeks, improve massage and face-lifting tools, smooth and breathable compressed chin belt, and middle neck rest to lift V face line slimming belt V line lifting.

Female face trainer: Convenient storage, small size, lightweight, and does not take up space. It can be placed in any corner and carried with you when traveling to make your chin more slender and beautiful anytime, anywhere.

Chin Sweat Band: Our streamlined V-face band is a three-dimensional design based on a golden surface. The shoulder straps are strengthened and fixed. Absorb sweat, not easy to slip off. Easy to use during exercise. Improve facial contours. for chusike


  • Type 8: double chin remover
  • Type 6: skin care tools
  • Type 4: face slim tools
  • Type 3: face slimming strap
  • Type 2: face slimmer