Electronic Laser Acupuncture Pen

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RED LIGHT: Electric acupoint massage pen adopted a 650nm red light design, with strong penetration, and use deep tissue massage to directly stimulate the muscle and skin.

LCD SCREEN: Electric acupuncture massage pen helps to stimulate meridians and acupoints, with an LCD display screen to show the strength level and the remaining battery. Comes with a user manual with several diagrams of the body's healing acupuncture points, showing where to use the massage pen.

PORTABLE SIZE: The acupuncture massage pen is small in size and light in weight, which is easy to carry and suitable for the wrist, ankle, knee, neck, waist, and other parts. There are no needles, so not only is there no sting, but the skin doesn't puncture at all, and it's safe to use at home.

9 GEARS: Electronic acupuncture pen with 9 kinds of strength, to achieve the best massage effect, you can choose 2 massage heads according to your comfort.

PAIN RELIEVE: Simply wet the skin first and press the acupuncture pen on the skin, and it will release the appropriate pulse to the meridians and acupoints to relieve the pain.