Garden Automatic Watering Timer

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ULTRA-FLEXIBLE PROGRAMMING: Featured with weekly-circle programming logic and 4 separate programs, this sprinkler timer allows you randomly choose any water days from Monday to Sunday and set up to 4 programs, which adds much more flexibility to customize your watering schedules than interval water timers.

DURABLE & LEAK-PROOF: Pure brass swivel inlet and high working pressure (max. 175psi) can protect this sprinkler timer from water leakage. The shell is built in with heavy-duty weatherproof construction, and UV-resistant material, ideal for outdoor garden watering use, and can withstand wind and rain.

EASY TO USE: Rotate the oversized dial to “Time” can set the current time. Rotate to “P1/2/3/4” can set the start time and run time for P1/2/3/4. Then rotate the dial to “Auto” and your program automatically runs. If you want to manually turn the timer on or off, you can rotate the dial to “ON” or “OFF”. Manual watering or battery replacement (within 45s) will not interrupt preset programs.


  • Type: Garden Water Timers
  • Timer Type: Ac Pro