Reusable Hanging Flies Bugs

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The product consists of a net with excellent corrosion and sun protection properties. It is a new type of fly trap with high efficiency, environmental protection and safety. It is easy to use, easy to understand and has a high catch rate.

This product is widely used in parks, family businesses (farm markets), canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, green belts, toilets, rubbish rooms (fields) and other public places.

hang in a sunny place in spring and in a dark place in summer.As fly fish may eat, choosing foods such as bait intestines and lazy fruits is recommended, and hanging them at a distance of 1 meter from the ground.


  • Set Type: no
  • Pest Type: Flies
  • Name: Flies Catching Cage
  • Material: Iron wire + Gauze element +Plastic
  • Color: Green