Gardening Grafting Shears Scissor

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Color: Cloth bag suit
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Trimming Tool: Extremely precise, double-edged cutting blades help you quickly and easily create professional-quality pruning and grafting.

Replaceable Grafting Blades: There are 3 different incision grafting blades (Ω cut, U cut, and V cut), each cut can better cut scissors and improve survival rate.

Premium Material: Our grafting scissor selects ultra-hard 65 high-carbon steel blades (better than average materials) to build the grafting tools, which are very sharp and durable. Lawnmowers can last for years with proper maintenance.

SIZE RANGE: Especially suitable for branches and softwood up to 3/8" in diameter or finer, not suitable for grafting dry or old hardwood.


  • Power Source: Hand Hedge Trimmers