Kitchen Plastic Measuring Spoon

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Easy cleaning and storage: Intelligently designed to fit among other kitchen utensils. easily washable, odor-free, and long-lasting. the space-saving design removes the need for having multiple measuring spoons reducing the clutter by combining all ml and grams measurements into one handy tool.

High-quality Material: Our adjustable measuring spoon is made of food-grade plastic which remains odor-free, lasts long, and is safe to use. It will not affect food, the nice length allows it to reach the bottom of the container easily.

Easy to use: The dual-sided measuring spoon has scales as well a leveler on both sides to help you measure the right quantity in ml and grams. Easily get your ingredients by sliding the adjuster to the required measurement scale and the cover will click into place, angled edge makes precise leveling easy.


  • Plastic Type: PP
  • Material: Plastic