Double Sided Nano Tape

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Color: Translucent
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High-Quality Tape: This nano double-sided tape is made from the latest acrylic-gel material, Transparent adhesive tape is transparent, has no residue, is removable, and is washable. This super adhesive tape can work perfectly on an almost smooth, clean, and non-porous surface that can hold up to 29.5 pounds on smooth surfaces.

Easy to Use: Nano gel tape is suitable for almost any smooth, clean, and dry surface, and can be used for tiles, glass, wood products, plastics, etc. You can cut the double-sided tape to any size and length by yourself, and you can make them Stretch, bend and fold to suit your needs.

Removable & Trusted: It is easy to tear off from a smooth, firm surface without residue or damage. But the tape is not suitable for the following surfaces, walls soiled by oil or water, walls that easily peel off, thin wallpaper, or paint walls that the surface not strong enough.

Washable and Reusable: Nano double-sided tape can be washed with water. When the tape gets dirty and loses its stickiness, it can be washed with water and dried by the warm wind to restore its stickiness, and then you can continue to use it to stick items.

Multipurpose Double-Sided Tape: This tape can be used on walls, floors, doors and windows, cars, tables, etc. It can be used to fix or paste car phone holders, posters, photo frames, wall stickers, hooks, gadgets, sticky pads, decorative patches, and other items. It can be used in many places and solve all kinds of clutter, such as wall decoration, car decoration, carpet, fixed kitchen tools, tidying, etc.


  • Function 3: Bathroom, kitchen
  • Function 2: Table And Chair
  • Function 1: Kitchen Room
  • Function: Hang Up Small Things, Like Key