Outdoor LED Solar Lamp Bulb

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Solar Powerd: This solar light bulb can collect solar energy from a solar panel. In the daytime when there is sunshine, connect the solar panel to the light bulb by usb cable, the solar panel converts the solar energy to electric energy and stores it in the battery of the light bulb. Then when you power on the bulb, it will keep the light on.

Two-Way Charge: The light bulb can be charged by the solar panel or DC 5V adaptor by USB cable, it can keep lighting for 4-6 hours after fully charged.LED lifespan is 50000H. When charging by solar panel: please put the solar panel outside under the sun and keep the solar panel facing the sunshine directly. At the same time connect the bulb with the cord to the bulb for 5-8 hours, charging indicator is red when charging, full charge is still red.(5-8V power adaptor for charging as well).

Application in Many Cases: Ideal for home, camping, cooking, working, reading, shed, chicken coops, emergency and blackouts, etc.Polite Note: The bulb is not waterproof. The solar panel is rainproof.


  • wire length: 3M
  • feature: luces solares para exterior
  • Voltage: 6V,1.2V
  • Size: 5M
  • Protection Level: IP65
  • Power Source: Solar
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs