Decompression Inflate Back Belt

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Decompression Back Belt:  30 large air pillars, 360° all-round wrapping, after the air column is inflated to form arc-shaped traction, supporting upwards and downwards, fixing the waist, and stretching the lumbar spine

Lower Back Pain Relief: This back decompression is specially designed for lumbar spine pain, soothes and corrects, does not compress nerves, helps you get rid of lumbar pain, and enjoy a healthy and happy life

Lumbar Decompression Belt: Our spinal decompression is easy to use, free of movement, will not affect work, walking, and exercise, long-term wearing will not be stuffy, with vent setting

Lumbar Traction Device: Our lumbar decompression belt is equipped with an extension belt, which can adjust the tightness in multiple directions. The extension belt can be used according to actual needs. Size fit 29-49 Wasit, which can support up to 49 inches of waist

Spinal Decompression: Suitable for the nursing care of the male, female and the aged people. The lumbar back decompression belt straps are very convenient to use, they are light and close-fitting and can be worn regardless of exercise, travel, working, rest and driving


  • waist massager: back massager
  • lumbar traction device: lumbar traction belt
  • decompression back belt: Wasit Support Brace
  • Material: PU+Cotton
  • Item Type: Braces & Supports
  • Effect: Bone Care
  • Application: Waist