Multifunctional Ab Roller Silent Pull Rope

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5 types of strength adjustment: the pull rope can adjust the thickness of the size. The more buckles number of buckles, the more force is needed, eliminating the size of the restrictions.

Rubber drawing: the material is latex, good elasticity, strong and durable, and the length of the cord can be flexibly adjusted by the hole position at the bottom of the knee board, the size of the tensile force can be adjusted, the kneeboard material is EVA with good elasticity, strong and durable, anti-aging, durable.

Perfect material: ABS / PP, EVA cushion, highly elastic hose, this material has toughness and strong impact resistance, is non-toxic and tasteless and has a high level of storage, so it is not easily deformable.

Waist slimming trainer for men and women: the effect of the design of the rotating knee pad can slimmer the waist, lift the buttocks and breasts, thin the legs, build the stomach, improve physical fitness and improve resistance slightly. strain on the lumbar muscles, underhealth and so on.

Difficulty can be adjusted: Beginners start the exercise phase, it is difficult to complete the entire movement, the exercise interest is reduced, it is not easy to exist, as older people, children and women who train beyond their own conditions, are counterproductive and simple. To cause muscle tension, we have solved this. It is not easy to adhere to the problem of muscle damage


  • Type of sports: Balance Training
  • Type: Double-Wheeled
  • Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Application: AB Roller Coaster