Baby Nasal Nose Cleaner Sucker Suction

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NOSE SUCKER:This baby nose sucker could be used to suck out nasal mucus and dirt of your baby, and will not harm your baby’s nose, you can use it without worries.

 The baby nasal suction aspirator is designed with a backflow protection device, you do not suck the nasal into your mouth, you can use it safely and conveniently. There are designed with 3 colors for choosing, and the nose sucker is designed in a small size that is convenient for you to carry, the nose suction aspirator is detachable, and you can wash it easily.

 You just need to pick up your baby, put the sucker pipe into the baby’s nose, and put the sucker mouth into your mouth, you can suck the nasal slowly and easily.
If the nasal becomes stiff, you’d better not to take it out directly. You should moisten the nose with a warm towel and then suck out the baby's nasal slowly.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Item Type: Nasal Aspirator
  • Feature1: The U-shaped: The U-shaped
  • Age Range: Maternity,0-6m,7-12m,13-24m,25-36m,4-6y,7-12y,12+y
  • Age Group: Babies