Orthodontic Interdental Tooth Brush

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Color: Blue
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Soft head: The soft and flexible brush head does not harm your gums, penetrates deep into the interdental spaces, and cleans comprehensively. Ergonomic handle design, easy to hold and use.

Interdental Cleaning: Cleans stubborn stains in interdental spaces, wisdom tooth sockets, and blind corners in the mouth, removes tartar and dirt, and maintains oral health.

Plastic handle: good cleaning effect, keep teeth clean, plastic handle, safe and environmentally friendly, firm and stable, sturdy and wear-resistant, convenient to use.

Better Cleaning Effects: Designed for cleaning braces and interdental spaces. This single Tuft toothbrush also ensures a healthier mouth. It is good for cleaning your oral cavity to protect your teeth from damage. It also removes dirt between the gaps between your teeth and helps stop bleeding gums

Multiple Applicable People: Suitable for cleaning braces, suitable for dental implants, orthodontic patients, and children with dentures.


  • Size: 16.5x2.5x1 cm
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Age Group: Adults