Peanut Shape Foot Massage Ball

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Color: red
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Our Roller Exercise Massager Balls are lightweight and convenient. Hard Spiky Offers Stimulating Effect, Cover hard Spiky so it's more deeply stimulation than another soft ball. Best for plantar fasciitis treatment with reflexology, and acupressure.

Massage balls have massage points, can stimulate the human body acupuncture points, with massage effect, make people massage and rest while exercising, relieve fatigue, can be used for the back, feet, waist, etc., and can also be placed on the floor, Seat, mat use.

The unique peanut shape allows the roller to effectively fit into the arch, and the raised surface dots provide a kneading effect for extra relief. The soothing stimulation immediately relaxes muscles and eases tension.

High-density tools for pressure point, blood circulation, flexibility, and mobility, for physical therapy, used by trainers and therapists during post-injury rehabilitation.


  • Material: PVC