Pet Shedding Hair Remove Needle Brush

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Meet Different Needs: We have two kinds of pet brushes, one has fine needles for medium and short-length hair, and the other has thick needles for long and thick hair.

Material: The pet shedding brush has high-quality stainless steel needles, a fine needle version also has a soft rubber cap to avoid damage for pet skin; It has an Ergonomic structure design with non-slip rubber handles.

Easy To Clean: This self-cleaning pet brush is easy to clean.You can simply push the button to remove all shedding hair from the cat brush.

Remove Loose Hair: Regularly use this pet brush to comb your cat or dog's hair, can minimize the loss of pet hair all over your home.

Massage for Relaxing: The grooming brush can be used to massage cats and dogs. It can increase blood circulation, making your pet's fur soft and smooth. Pets feel great when they are being brushed and they love it. Warm tips: The thick needles brushes are good at massage. Yet it's not as good as the fine needles brush in removing loose hair.


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  • dog grooming: Dog Hair Cat Hair Cleaner
  • Type: Dogs
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