Pet Snuffle Mat

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  • SLOWS EATING - Encourages slower eating, which aids digestion and prevents digestive problems such as bloating or vomiting from arising in the future.
  • TRAINING TOOL - The perfect training tool for correcting bad habits and rewarding good behavior.
  • SENSORY STIMULATION - Put your dog’s nose and brain to work by encouraging them to use their natural foraging instincts.
  • INTERACTIVE TOY - Distract and entertain your dog for hours at a time, providing a healthy outlet for their excess energy.
  • EASY-TO-USE - Hide your pooch's favorite treats under the many different obstacles and let your pooch sniff them out. It's that simple!
  • DOG-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Made from colorful non-toxic linen, the mat is hand-washable and easy to clean (a warm damp cloth and air drying do the trick). The snuffle mat is easily rolled up ready for the next meal.


  • 90cm x 90cm
  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Coral Fleece
  • Item Type: Bed Mats
  • Feature: Breathable
  • Pattern: Floral