Potato Vegetable Planter Growing Bag

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AIR DRAINAGE HOLES: The garden grows bag has three ventilated holes at the bottom and holes on the sides to prevent excessive moisture storage, also ensures 360゜of full angle ventilation, and provides better drainage and airflow. The bag for plants allows roots to breathe enough, improve root structure, and grow healthier, increasing the yield of vegetables.

VELCRO FLAP WINDOW: The plant grow bags with velcro flap window eliminates the need to remove the plant or soil, and allow easy observe the growth and the maturity of planted products. The grow bag is also easy to harvest without damaging your plant. No need to pour out the bag and fewer struggles that come with traditional gardening.

REUSABLE DURABLE MATERIAL: Bag planter 10 gallons made of the newest waterproof breathable 5% Anti-UV PE material, lightweight and rugged. Reinforced durable handles have a strong load-carrying capacity for easy movement. The material is non-toxic and biodegradable, will not pollute the environment, and affect the quality of vegetables. The planting bags can be folded and stored during idle for the next planting.

FUNCTIONAL LARGE VOLUME: This plant bag is 10 gallon of large capacity, enough to create a stable growing environment and grow a variety of vegetables. This planter pot is not limited to planting location and season, you can plant any vegetable or plant anywhere in any season.


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