Garden Wooden Hand Weeder Removal Tools

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Made from Stainless Steel allowing for ultimate strength and resistance to bending.Not deformation, sturdy and durable. Vintage, ergonomically-sculpted wood handle. Ash is the preferred wood for garden tools due to its strength, and flexibility.

Forged for heavy-duty use. Rust-resistant and beautifully polished, including a sturdy tang and ferrule for long-lasting durability.

The principle of leverage is Designed according to the principle of labor-saving leverage to widen the anti-sludge support at the bottom, only need to fix and press down, the target vegetation can be uprooted.

Widening the bottom fulcrum  Prevents the shovel from getting into the mud and can't force it, providing reliable fulcrum support for weeding, reducing fatigue, higher efficiency and less effort.


  • Weeding Tool For Garden: Hand Weeder
  • Hand Weeder Tool: Garden Weeding Planting Tools
  • Gardening Weed Digger: Dandelion Puller