Elastic Latex Resistance Band

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SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: This set of 3 Latex bands offers the full range of resistance bands for men, women, and kids. The 3-loop band set offers a combined tension range of 5-100 lbs (2-45kg). As you fatigue, you’ll need more assistance, and as you get stronger, you’ll need less assistance. With three bands and six levels of resistance, you can adjust the resistance as needed to optimize your training

MAXIMIZE STRENGTH & IMPROVE RANGE OF MOTION: With the correct use of our mobility bands, you minimize the risk of injury and maximize the range of motion and mobility by always working a muscle or combination of muscle groups that you specify with each exercise. Good for CrossFit, Powerlifting, Calisthenics, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Assisted Pull Ups and Chin Ups

SUITABLE FOR 200+ EXERCISES: Mobility bands expertly selected by our in-house National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, this combo pack is ideal for all of your workout needs. Ideal for assisted pull-ups, powerlifting, physical therapy, Pilates, targeted stretching and toning exercises and full-body workouts. With over 200+ possible band exercises there's not a single muscle in your body that can't benefit from these bands