Eyelash Extensions Tweezers

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2 PCS Tweezers for Isolation: Lankiz eyelash extension tweezers set satisfies all the functions of lash isolation, picking up, making fans and grafting. Straight lash tweezers and curvy isolation tweezers are usually used to isolate nautral lashes. Curvy isolation tweezers are more suitable for separating lashes for customers with deep eye sockets.

3 PCS Tweezers for Picking Up and Grafting: Curved lash tweezers and pointed edge lash tweezers both have long tips, so they are more suitable for picking up lashes and making big fans such as 8D, 10D. Volume lash tweezers are usually used to make 3D or 5D easy fan volume lashes, its force is more concentrated.

Good Grip: 3-4 times handmade grinding and polishing make our lash extension tweezers achieve perfectly aligned from every angles. High precisions lash tweezer tips can be closed tightly and grip 0.03mm volume lashes easily.

Good Hardness without Deforming: Special heat treatment improves the plasticity and toughness of eyelash tweezer tips, it is not easy to deform.
Appropriate Elasticity: Low resistance, you can easily close the lash extension tweezer tips; Rebound easily, rebound to its original position without other assistance.


  • Usage: Eyelash Extension Tweezers
  • Type: Eyelash supplies, makeup tools
  • Size: About 1*12.4cm
  • Material: 100% Stainless Steel
  • Feature 2: Anti-static, Sharp Tips
  • Feature 1: Completely closed, Anti-magnetic
  • Color: Pink, Purple