Baby Hammer Knock Early Education Toys

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It consists of four small balls of three colors and a small hammer. The children's hand-eye coordination action is trained by the action of tapping. Each time the ball is knocked, the ball will roll down from the hole to the bottom. It is full of motion and allows children to learn color. And pairing, the ball can also be rolled on the ground to attract the baby's eye, so happy.

Teach the baby to use the wooden hammer in the right way, beat it casually, the ball will roll out of the box, causing the baby's interest, can exercise the strength of the baby's wrist; let the baby gradually know the color of the four balls.

Let the baby accurately place the four color balls in the corresponding round holes on the box, and play the ball according to your instructions. For example, let the baby play the green ball to see if the baby can accurately find the green ball and play them. Come out to practice the accuracy of the tap.

This toy allows the baby to know the color of the ball; exercise the flexibility of the baby's wrist and the strength of the muscles, the ability to alternate with both hands; train the baby's hand-eye coordination.


  • Type: Early Educational Colorful Toys
  • Recommend Age: 0-3y
  • Name: Educational block
  • Model Number: Math Toys
  • Material: Wood
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Features: Educational