Fitness Pedal Stretcher Board

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Reinforcement: The foot is the foundation of the human body, and the lacing plate opens your meridian. adjustable balance board helps to make your muscles more responsive during exercising. Helps you stretch properly and reduce the chance of injury. Not only helpful to stretching before or after working out but also beneficial to the body's recovery from foot and ankle injuries and pain.

Multiple Gears to Different Needs: Adjustable to 6 different positions, you have the option of differing degrees of mild to strong calf stretches, providing you with the best angle. From children to the elderly, you can adjust the gear according to different needs.

Solid and Durable Construction: A very popular alternative to heavy wooden slant boards, this light-weighted foot slant board is ergonomically designed, and the triangular structure is reasonable, safe, and stable without shaking. small size can practice anytime and anywhere,is suitable and flexible for use in the home, office, travel and indoor-outdoor exercise.

How TO USE: The soles of the feet are in tight contact with the inclined surface of the lacing plate. The waist should stand straight as far as possible. It can start from the inclination of the low angle and gradually stand on the slope of the lacing plate. The longer the time, the better the effect (generally 5-30 minute).

  • Teaching Mode: Book
  • Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
  • Classified by Exerciser Number: 1